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Panasonic Advertising and Promotion - 5463 Words

Introduction Panasonic Corporation was founded in 1918 by Konosuke Matsushita. It’s main business in electronics manufacturing for the market. It’s grown to become one of the largest Japanese electronics producers. Panasonic Corporation engaged in business through two business segments which are consumer electronic products and business electronic products from digital AV to home appliances, to industrial solutions, security system and other electronic equipment and products to satisfy specific consumer needs worldwide. The company name of Panasonic was created in 1955 and was first used as a brand for audio equipment. It is a combination of two words which are Pan, meaning â€Å"all† and†¦show more content†¦Therefore, communication process can be explained when an idea or message is trying to send to the receiver through any transmission devices, communication automatically takes place when the receiver is able to understand the information send by the sender. In the communication process, the first step have to perform is the sender. Sender means the company that manufacture and sells products or services to their customer. In another word, they make use of symbols (words or graphic or visual aids) to convey the message and produce the required response. For Panasonic, the sender will be the Panasonic Corporation worldwide. Based on the advertisement, we found there are Panasonic’s slogan and the product name appearing on the bottom right corner to create awareness in public that Panasonic is the corporation that manufactures the Smart VIERA 3D TV. The sender generates thoughts to be conveyed. The second step, sender involves in the encoding process. In order to convey meaning, the sender must begin encoding which means translating information into a message in the form of symbols that represent ideas or concepts. The symbols can take on numerous forms such as languages, words, or gestures. These symbols are used to encode ideas into messages that others can understand. It is important for the sender to use symbols that are familiar to the intended receiver because it is a good way for the sender to improve encodingShow MoreRelatedSome History of Promotion Marketing or Advertising Essay1083 Words   |  5 PagesHistory of Promotion Marketing/Advertising Promotional Strategies and Advertising are very important when it comes to marketing for a firm. One of the methods used to determine the internal and external environment in the organization business strategies is the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) analysis. This is the matrix platform for most business firms and it is effective for organizations. When people are talking about promotional strategies and advertising; marketingRead MoreMarketing Mixes for Two Different Segments in Consumer Markets?738 Words   |  3 Pageswould like to revise the prices or go for a promotion to increase the sales. The youth buy more iPods to listen to music and watch visual videos hence we can increase the sales buy having a sales promotion at our outlets. The households are interested in the hifi audio and visual systems with the large screen and more sounds affects. The sale of this particular product is constant but needs to be kept an eye on the price as to what LG, s harp and Panasonic is doing. It has come to my attention thatRead MoreGillette Acquisition Of Duracell Essay1724 Words   |  7 Pagesin developing countries for alkaline batteries since the use of these is still quite low. Legal Segment †¢ There is a intense rivalry among the big players of this industry. There have been some legal processes involving cases such as false advertising claims and patent infringement. Demographic segment †¢ The case did not mention any battery consumption patterns. However, batteries in general are consumed by a large number of people in the US, regardless of age, sex, religion, ethnicity,Read MorePanasonic Corporation : International Electronics Corporation4846 Words   |  20 PagesPanasonic Corporation is a Japanese multinational electronics corporation headquartered in Kadoma, Osaka, Japan. The organization was established in 1918, and has developed to turn into one of the biggest Japanese electronics makers. Notwithstanding gadgets, it offers non-electronic items and administrations, for example, home remodel administrations. Panasonic offers an extensive variety of items and administrations, including aeration and cooling systems, fridges, clothes washers, compressorsRead MoreSony Marketing Plan4304 Words   |  18 PagesSONY BRAVIA 3D HDTV  ® 2010 MARKETING AND PROMOTION PLAN ALLA ABRAMYCHEVA MICHAEL GUZMAN FARAN MAQSUD KEITH McMURDY ANDREW YAKOVLEV PREPARED FOR PROFESSOR DAVID DIAMOND MKT 9703 MARKETING MANAGEMENT CUNY BARUCH ZICKLIN SCHOOL OF BUSINESS 5/2010 TABLE OF CONTENTS SONY ADVANTAGE p.3 COMPANY AND PRODUCT PROFILE p.4 SWOT AND COMPETITOR ANALYSIS p.7 MARKETING PLAN OBJECTIVES p.10 CUSTOMER TARGETS AND SEGMENTS p.12 MARKET POSITIONING p.14 IMPLEMENTATION GUIDELINES p.16 PROMOTIONAL PLAN p.17 CONCLUSIONRead MoreOperation Management2436 Words   |  10 Pagesresponsibilities. Panasonic Corp. is a company in which produces various electronic components such as Audio, Video, Televisions, Information and Communication, Semi-conductors and other Electronic Components. In a business entity like Panasonic Corp. the use of operations management is very essential in every framework of the company’s activities. Panasonic Corp. uses operations management to ensure and maintain competence and effectiveness in the organisation. Efficiency in Panasonic Corp. is concernedRead MoreVizios Marketing Mix1165 Words   |  5 PagesAmtrans. Amtrans is widely known as being the best quality producer of HDTV’s and is the second largest producer of flat panel televisions. As for the screens on the televisions, Vizio’s LCD screens are made by LG and their plasma’s are made by Panasonic. This ensures that all of their televisions offer the same, if not better quality, than Vizio’s competitors. Using such a large manufacturer such as Amtrans also allows Vizio to import and sell their products for cheaper than other companies. Read MoreCompany Overview And Situation Analysis Of Tesla s Mission Statement1216 Words   |  5 Pagesre port shows a negative net income due to their high cost of goods and operating expenses. This is because the lithium ion battery used for these electric cars is a highly expensive product in which Tesla currently buys from an outside supplier, Panasonic. Tesla’s is considering building their own â€Å"giga plant† to start producing their own batteries and becoming their own supplier so that they can have control over the market price and their operating expenses (Putros, 2014). Tesla’s current marketRead MoreVizio Marketing Strategy1178 Words   |  5 Pagestargeted the market segment that included customers that were 35+ years, which was not VIZIO’s intended target customer base. Given the fact that the electronic market segment for televisions had been mainly dominated by monster brand names such as Panasonic, Sony, Samsung and many others, and also taking in consideration the fact that VIZIO was a relatively new brand , the Company had to use a good marketing plan to gain entry on the already crowded market. To get an advantage in the market, VIZIORead MoreSamsung 3d Tv Marketing Report1386 Words   |  6 Pagesposition in LCD TV capturing 30.8% cumulative market share from January to May 2011 Some of the Samsung competitors are Sony, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, LG and Vizio. For most competitors the model chosen is quite similar to Samsung’s and this will definitely affect Samsung’s sales. The competitors carry out different marketing strategy, for example Sony uses web advertising to promote their product. However, the differences between products can be seen in quality and price. Target Segment Samsung primarily

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Essay Native American Relations with The United States

Native American Relations with The United States What were the significant treaties, policies, and events that defined US Government and Native American Relations? How did the Native American respond to these treaties, polices, and events historically? How did these treaties, policies, and events affect the subsistence, religion, political, and social structures of the Native American people? I will answer these questions through the examination of two centuries of US history in six time periods that define clear changes in the relationship between the Native American and the US Government. Formative period 1780 -1825 One of the critical tasks that faced the new nation of the United States was establishing a healthy†¦show more content†¦. . regulate commerce with foreign nations and among the several states, and with the Indian tribes.† The Constitution further enumerates these powers denied to the states in Article I section x. The state of Georgia challenged the federal government’s power over states rights, a precursor to the Civil War, when it challenged the trust relationship and the autonomy of the Cherokee. Supreme Court Justice John Marshall in three decisions (Marshall Trilogy) upheld the United States’ federal power, defined the responsibility of the doctrine of federal trust, and clarified the sovereignty of Indian nations: Johnson v McIntosh 1823, Cherokee v Georgia 1831, Worcester v Georgia 1832. The new government wanted to keep peace with the Indians and used trade as its device. It was hoped that the interaction between the white settlers and Indians would create a dependence of the Indian for white goods and soothe the tensions of the white settlers through familiarity via social interaction. President George Washington proposed government regulated and operated trading houses. The Government Trading Act of April 18, 1796 was established for â€Å"carrying on a liberal trade with theShow MoreRelatedPresident Washington s Foreign Policy Essay1579 Words   |  7 PagesIt is inaccurate and negligent to state that George Washington was of little consequence within his administration in directing American foreign policy, and that his advisors upstaged him in respect to directing foreign policy for the new nation. President Washington directed successful foreign policy initiatives with the assistance and recommendations of his advisors, a right guaranteed in the United St ates Constriction for not only the President to inform foreign policy, but for the President toRead MoreThe Colonization Of North And South America1295 Words   |  6 Pages Through the 16th-19th centuries, the Native Americans populations declined in the following ways:  epidemic diseases  brought from Europe; violence  and warfare. During the prospect of exploration, Thomas Jefferson viewed American Indians as people with the possibly of â€Å"Enlightenment† and from a political standpoint either they were enemies of war or allies in peace. While the United States had set a precedent to explore new lands in its short history, native peoples’ who had inherited lands throughRead MoreRed, White, and Black Essay1123 Words   |  5 PagesAfrican and Native Americans. The institution of slavery was a return investment venture for southern planters in their greed for the production of more staple crops. Many white Americans led extravagant lifestyles from the large incomes they received from the labors of their property. Also, the controversy over removing the Native American’s from their lands portrayed the voracity in which the European Americans afflicted upon the native civilizations during the antebellum United States. The IndianRead MoreChief Seattle, A Native American Chief Of The Duwamish Tribe1642 Words   |  7 PagesChief Seattle, a Native American Chief of the Duwamish tribe, faced the inevitability of his tribe’s removal from their homeland. While he could not deter the United States government from its intentions, he did not waste his opportunity to both protect his tribe and voice his opinions. In his oration to Governor Isaac I. Stevens, Chief Seattle secures respect for his tribe as they are driven off of the land they have protected for centuries. Seattle creates a dynamic shift in tone, primarily throughRead MoreThe Nations Within Our Nation Essay1435 Words   |  6 PagesNations Within Our Nation Native Americans within the United States are the aboriginal population of the land. America was not a vacuum domicillium (empty landscape) when explorers arrived—that was just a statement tool used to justify the mass genocide and conquests that occurred after colonization (Welch 9). There were millions of Native peoples that populated this land with preexisting political structures and tribal relations of their own. In today s time, the Native American people are not fullyRead MoreThe Political Issues Of The Indian Removal Act Of 18301154 Words   |  5 PagesFormer President Andrew Jackson was responsible for putting the Indian Removal Act of 1830 in place. It forcibly removed five civilized Native American tribes— Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, and Seminole—from the southern United States. The act would stay in effect until the end of the Second Seminole War in 1842. Native Americans’ feelings toward the United States government have changed fro m one of annoyance to disgust since being taken advantage of during the Indian Removal Act. In this researchRead MoreThe Colonization Of Europeans Into The North America1555 Words   |  7 Pagesthe North America had considerable impacts on the Native American lives. European empire at the time, such as the French, England and Spanish empires, often fought against each other for power and control. After the European tried to colonized, the Native American suddenly found themselves dealing with European power politics. The arrival of Europeans into the New World meant new political relationships for both the European and the Native Americans. Each side had thing to gain and loss in this kindRead MoreEssay on Nothing Like It in the World by Stephen E. Ambrose1210 Words   |  5 Pagesparticipated in the construction of the first American transcontinental railroad (1863-1869), such as the immigrant laborers, politicians, and businesspersons and their companies. In his descriptions, A mbrose demonstrates two of the significant themes that dominated the construction activities. These are immigration and race relationship. This paper aims at describing the relationship between the two themes as described in Ambrose’s book and the American history during that time. It also looks intoRead MoreThe Use of Imagery and Nicknames with Native American Heritage847 Words   |  4 PagesFor a long time the use of Native American surnames, imageries, and representation has Been in deliberation for decades. Depending on what side your perspective is on the subject, it can Be either characterized as malicious or a tribute to the Native American Heritage. Numerous Social Groups, Religious and Civil Rights Organizations, and individual Educational Institutions think that Specific use of racial surnames is labeling to a specific ethnic group and must be abolished. Largely A largeRead MoreThe Cherokee Removal Essay1162 Words   |  5 PagesA long time before this land was called the United States, the Cherokee people used to live in this land in the valleys of rivers that drained the southern Appalachians. These people made their homes, farmed their land, and buried their dead. Also these people, who are now called Indians claimed larger lands. They would use these for hunting deer and gathering material, to live off of. Later these lands were called Virginia and Kentucky. As it is mentioned in the text, these people had their own

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Child Hood Essay Free Essays

Today, childhood is seen as a universal rite of passage. Much of our literature consists of coming of age stories that focus on the journey from innocence to experience. Childhood marks the beginning of our personal narrative. We will write a custom essay sample on Child Hood Essay or any similar topic only for you Order Now We all have our stories of youth. Some percolate in the haze of memory; others are told and retold over the years. These stories—sad, humorous, painful—shape us. They make us who we are. Inspired by the growing popularity of collecting and recording our stories, students will interview an older family member about a single significant childhood memory, imagine specific details of the story, and then use one or a variety of media text types to present the story to the class. In doing so, students discover intergenerational links through the common universal experience of childhood. Students begin by interviewing a parent (or other older relative) about a childhood memory, collecting enough details to help them recreate the story vividly for an audience. In small groups, students share information and project ideas, with a view to re-telling the story through one or a combination of the following: print text (e. g. write a story from the parent’s point of view), visual text (e. g. memory scrapbook), digital text (e. g. Web page, graphic reproduction), audiovisual text (e. g. PowerPoint presentation with music), or oral presentation (e. g. monologue in the voice of the parent). Students should be encouraged to use whatever high- or low-tech tools they are comfortable with. This activity affords students the opportunity to discover and learn about the codes and conventions of their chosen media text type in order to successfully apply them to their own production. By re-creating an older family member’s story for an audience, students participate in the writing of the family history, making it less ephemeral and embedding it in time. Connecting with their parent or grandparent through a particular memory also allows students to view childhood as a universal rite of passage, one that connects successive generations of their family to the family tree of humanity. A follow-up ELA activity could invite students to use their imagination to develop a story of their own, inspired by events from their own childhood: How would they tell the story to their grandchildren? Students could create a class anthology of their stories or their parents’. In Social Sciences, students could interview a parent or older relative about the social/cultural/historical time in which he or she lived as a child and create a poster depicting it How to cite Child Hood Essay, Essays

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The At free essay sample

A ; T Restructuring Of 1995 Essay, Research Paper Wednesday, September 20, 1995, AT A ; T Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Robert E. Allen announced programs for a strategic restructuring that would divide AT A ; T into three publically traded planetary companies. Robert E. Allen said, # 8220 ; The company was taking this bold measure to capitalise on the chances in each concern # 8217 ; section of the planetary information industry # 8212 ; communications services, communications equipment, and transaction-intensive computing. # 8221 ; Under the program, a 4th concern # 8212 ; AT A ; T Capital Corporation # 8212 ; would be sold, and AT A ; T stockholders would keep portions in each of the three staying companies. # 8220 ; Changes in client demands, engineering and public policy are radically transforming our industry, # 8221 ; said Robert E. Allen. # 8220 ; We now see this restructuring as the following logical bend in AT A ; T # 8217 ; s journey since divestiture. It will do AT A ; T # 8217 ; s concerns more v aluable to our stockholders, even more responsively to their clients, and better able to concentrate on the growing chances in their single markets. We will write a custom essay sample on The At or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page # 8221 ; A focal point of one of the new companies will be to supply the best communications and information services worldwide. The services company, runing under the familiar # 8220 ; AT A ; T # 8221 ; trade name name, would dwell of AT A ; T # 8217 ; s current Communications Services Group, the AT A ; T Universal card Services Corporation, the freshly established AT A ; T Solutions consulting and systems-integration organisation, and AT A ; T Wireless Services. The services company plans to make an AT A ; T Laboratories unit around the nucleus of the Bell Laboratories. # 8220 ; AT A ; T # 8217 ; s merchandises and systems concerns, along with the world-renowned Bell Laboratories, would represent a communications systems and engineering company that would instantly be the planetary leader in its industry, # 8221 ; said Robert E. Allen. The communications equipment company would include AT A ; T # 8217 ; s Network Systems Group, Global Business Communications Systems, Consumer Products, AT A ; T Paradyne and Microelectronics. The new company named Lucent Technologies, would be a powerful rival in the aggressive communications systems market. Henry B. Schacht was designated Lucent Technologies Chief Executive Officer. The company # 8217 ; s computing machine unit AT A ; T Global Information Solutions ( GIS ) , would be established as an independent company by whirling it off to AT A ; T Shareowners. # 8220 ; Our services and systems concerns are at the intersection of enormous alteration and chance, # 8221 ; said Allen. # 8220 ; This restructuring ensures that each can follow the way of greatest chance without worrying about knocking into each other along the way. # 8221 ; Lars Nyberg was announced Chief Executive Officer for NCR, once known as GIS, the new computing machine company. Allen believes Nyberg to be the right leader to acquire the computing machine concern back on path. Nyberg is taking action to make a smaller, more focussed and more rapid business. NCR will continue to develop, manufacture, and market computer platforms for any industry, however, it will focus on the three key industry segments where it has a leading position — financial, retail, and communications. As a major part of its turnaround, NCR will halt the manufacturing of personal computers. It will continue to support and service all its current hardware and software installations and will market its service capabilities to all industries. NCR, which currently employs 43,000 people in more than 120 countries, announced a major cost-cutting initiative that will lead to the termination of approximately 8,500 jobs. ATT will incur a pre-tax charge of approximately 1.5 billion dollars against third quarter earnings to cover the costs of the NCR restructuring. This reduces the 1995 earnings by 1 billion dollars, or 66 cents per share. ATT plans to sell its remaining shares of ATT Capital Corporation to the general public or another comp any. It holds 80 percent of Capital Corporation’s shares, having only sold a minority of the shares to the general public in 1993. ATT Capital Corporation is one of the largest equipment leasing and financing companies in the United States. It had revenues of approximately 1.4 billion dollars in 1994. Proceeds from the sale of ATT Capital Corporation and from the Initial public offering of the new equipment company will be used to repay current ATT debt and giving excess to each of the new businesses. The company plans to adjust each business’ capital structure to ensure that it has the flexibility to raise resources, as it needs them. ATT said that each of the businesses it is establishing will have everything it needs to meet its customers’ needs. Each of the new companies already has experienced management and a productive work force. The service, equipment and computer businesses each has the sophisticated systems-integration capabilities necessary to provid e complete solutions to its set of customers. And, where it makes sense to partner in serving a customer’s needs, the new businesses could establish commercial relationships with each other. ATT, which currently has 303,000 employees, said it cannot estimate the exact employment impact of the planned restructuring. All three of the companies will need additional resources to establish themselves as freestanding independent companies; however, each company participates in a highly competitive market and will need to continue to size its operations as efficiently as possible. ATT said that it is highly likely that the new companies combined will not have as many employees as the present ATT. The company set up a plan that will ensure that any employees dislocated by the restructuring will have access to job opportunities across the total corporation, as well as to a full range of assistance, ranging from job counseling to retraining.

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King Henry I of Germany - Henry the Fowler - Duke of Saxony

King Henry I of Germany - Henry the Fowler - Duke of Saxony Henry I of Germany was also known as: Henry the Fowler; in German, Henrik or Heinrich der Vogler Henry I of Germany was known for: Founding the Saxon dynasty of kings and emperors in Germany. Although he never took the title Emperor (his son Otto was the first to revive the title centuries after the Carolingians), future emperors would reckon the numbering of Henrys from his reign. How he got his nickname is uncertain; one story has it that he was called fowler because he was setting bird snares when informed of his election as king, but that is probably a myth. Occupations: KingMilitary Leader Places of Residence and Influence: Europe: Germany Important Dates: Born: c. 876Becomes Duke of Saxony: 912Designated heir to Conrad I of Franconia: 918Elected king by the nobles of Saxony and Franconia: 919Defeats Magyars at Riade: March 15, 933Died: July 2, 936 About Henry I of Germany (Henry the Fowler): Henry was the son of Otto the Illustrious. He married Hatheburg, daughter of the count of Merseburg, but the marriage was declared invalid because, after her first husbands death, Hatheburg had become a nun. In 909 he wed Matilda, daughter of the count of Westphalia. When his father died in 912, Henry became Duke of Saxony. Six years later, Conrad I of Franconia designated Henry as his heir shortly before he died. Henry now controlled two of the four most significant duchies in Germany, the nobles of which elected him king of Germany in May of 919. However, the other two important duchies, Bavaria and Swabia, did not recognize him as their king. Henry had respect for the autonomy of the various duchies of Germany, but he also wanted them to unite in a confederation. He managed to force Burchard, the duke of Swabia, to submit to him in 919, but he allowed Burchard to retain administrative control over his duchy. In that same year, Bavarian and East Frankish nobles elected Arnulf, duke of Bavaria, as king of Germany, and Henry met the challenge with two military campaigns, forcing Arnulf to submit in 921. Though Arnulf gave up his claim to the throne, he retained control of his duchy of Bavaria. Four years later Henry defeated Giselbert, king of Lotharingia, and brought the region back under German control. Giselbert was allowed to remain in charge of Lotharingia as duke, and in 928 he married Henrys daughter, Gerberga. In 924 the barbarian Magyar tribe invaded Germany. Henry agreed to pay them tribute and to return a hostage chief in exchange for a nine-year halt to raids on German lands. Henry used the time well; he built fortified towns, trained mounted warriors into a formidable army, and led them in some solid victories against various Slavic tribes. When the nine-year truce ended, Henry refused to pay more tribute, and the Magyars resumed their raids. But Henry crushed them at Riade in March of 933, putting an end to the Magyar threat to the Germans. Henrys last campaign was an invasion of Denmark through which the territory of Schleswig became part of Germany. The son he had with Matilda, Otto, would succeed him as king and become Holy Roman Emperor Otto I the Great. More Henry the Fowler Resources: Henry the Fowler on the Web Henry IConcise bio at Infoplease.Henry the FowlerExcerpt from Famous Men of the Middle Ages by John H. Haaren Henry the Fowler in Print Germany in the Early Middle Ages, 800-1056by Timothy Reuterby Benjamin Arnold Medieval Germany Chronological Index Geographical Index Index by Profession, Achievement, or Role in Society The text of this document is copyright  ©2003-2016 Melissa Snell. You may download or print this document for personal or school use, as long as the URL below is included. Permission is   not  granted to reproduce this document on another website. For publication permission,  please   contact  Melissa Snell. The URL for this document is:

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The 19 Best Colleges for Students With Learning Disabilities

The 19 Best Colleges for Students With Learning Disabilities SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips Figuring out which colleges you’re interested in is arguably the most difficult part of the college application process. There’s so much information to sift through- how could brief campus visits and informational brochures really tell you where you’ll be most successful? This process is even harder for students with learning disabilities. You want to make sure there are programs in place to help you be the best you can be no matter where you go to school. If you want to apply to colleges for students with learning disabilities, this article is a great place to start your college search. I'll start off by talking about what these specialtyprograms have to offer before getting to the rankings. Afterward, I'll discuss the next steps to take if you decide a learning disability program is right for you. What Makes a College Good for Students With Learning Disabilities? All colleges in the US are required to have a disabilities office, which helps accommodate students with different needs. While disability offices can be helpful for logistical concerns, some students need more of a supportive structure in place in order for them to feel comfortable. All the schools listed below go above and beyond what's required of them when it comes to supporting students with learning disabilities. They offer an array of supportive programs, often operated by learning specialists who are trained in working with students with different needs. Examples of supportive services, programs, and procedures include the following: Weekly meetings with a counselor Reduced course load Extra tutoring support Specialcurricula On-campus learning specialists Individual meetings with educators Transitional summer programs Specialty workshops The schools below offer different combinations of these support services and in different levels of structure. Not all the schools listed will be appropriate for all students with learning disabilities- some offer very high levels of structure and support, whereas others only offer more basic check-ins to make sure you're on track.It might be helpful to think about how much support is ideal for you before you begin your college search. Learning Disability Programs: What These College Rankings Mean Because many of the schools on this list are very different from one another (even though they all offer specialized programs), there aren’t reliable rankings lists available. Each student will have to consider her own unique needs when thinking about which specialized programs would be best for her. To compile this list of schools,I researched the best learning disability programs according to aggregated lists and opinions from the learning disability community. Instead of assigning an arbitrary rank to each school, I organized the colleges by type, which should be more useful. Here, you can learn about programsat schools solely for students for learning disabilities. Or if you want to be part of a learning disability program that’s embedded within a school, you can compare programs at smaller communities with some larger, more well-known ones. Note that most of these learning disability programs come with an additional fee on top of tuition if they're embedded within a college or university. If information about the program cost was available, I included it in the program description. Read on to see the best programs for students with learning disabilities at large and small colleges. Later, I'll go over some schools notable for cateringonlyto students with learning disabilities. Like Goldilocks, you should focus on the right fit for you. Unlike Goldilocks, you won't end up chased from a house by angry bears. Larger Colleges for Students With Learning Disabilities The following learning disability programs are generally found at medium to large colleges. If you want more of a typical college experience but still want the additional support and attention that comes with a specialized program, these might be good options for you. Keep in mind that you'll likely to have to apply to both the college and the learning disability program. American University (Learning Services Program) Washington, DC Based in the Academic Support and Access Center (ASAC), the Learning Services Program (LSP) offers several quality support systems for qualifying students. Enrollees have weekly individual meetings with a program coordinator or counselor and consult with a program coordinator during the summer to discuss registration and course selection. Other benefits include the following: Enrollment in a reserved section of the freshman writing class Weekly meetings with a writing tutor for the freshman writing class Individualized course advising Upperclass student mentor The LSP is a one-year program and has a one-time fee of $4,850. Bellevue College(OLS Degree) Bellevue, WA Bellevue College offers an associate degree in Occupational and Life Skills (OLS) for adult students with learning disabilities. Students in the OLS program spend 10-14 hours per week in the classroom, taking classes in subjects such as workplace problem-solving, healthy relationships, and personal finance. They also complete a 200-hour internship at a local business as part of their graduation requirement. 85% of their graduates are employed. Tuition is $455 per credit. DePaul University (Center for Students with Disabilities) Chicago, IL DePaul University is home to the Center for Students with Disabilities (CSD), a department that specializes inspecifically meeting the needs of students with learning disabilities and attention deficit disorders. More than a dozen accommodations are offered depending on the student's particular needs. CSD students also have access to a Learning Specialist Clinician for additional academic guidance. East Carolina University (STEPP Program) Greenville, NC The STEPP (Supporting Transition and Education Through Planning and Partnernships) Program offers academic, social, and life-skills help to students with learning disabilities at ECU. It begins with monthly newsletters and a pre-college bootcamp to help students prepare for college before they even begin their first day. Once they start school, participants receive mentoring and advising, a housing assignment within a designated residence hall, independent study courses and a required study hall to help structure their schedule, and guidance developing a professional portfolio to help with getting a job after graduation. Only 10 students are accepted into the program per year, but for those that are, there are no additional fees for being in STEPP. Northeastern University (Learning Disabilities Program) Boston, MA Northeastern is a relatively large university that offers many on-campus resources to its students. Those who are part of the Learning Disabilities Program (LDP) meet twice every week with an LDP specialist to work on their academic and general life skills. This specialist also directs students to other resources that are available on campus, such as subject-specific tutoring. The fee for the LDP is $2,900 per semester. University of Arizona (SALT Center) Tucson, AZ The University of Arizona's Strategic Alternative Learning Techniques (SALT) Center offers fairly comprehensive support to students and is ideal for those who want the atmosphere of a large school. SALT enrollees have weekly meetings with a strategic learning specialist and access to many other services, including the following: Content-specific tutoring Educational tech support Life skills and academic strategies workshops Psychological services Life and ADHD coaching (this is separate from the SALT fee) Lower-division students pay $2,800 per semester, which includes tutoring. Upper-division students pay $1,200 per semester, with tutoring costing an additional $21 an hour. University of Connecticut (Beyond Access Program) Storrs, CT The University of Connecticut offers a few different options for students with learning disabilities. The major support program is the Beyond Access Program (BAP), in which students meet weekly with a trained Strategy Instructor (SI) to develop important skills. The SI focuses on several skill sets, including the following: Time management and organization Study skills Stress management Self-advocacy Memory and concentration Social skills Career prep Health and wellness Reading and writing strategies There are two different program levels: the BAP fee is $1,800 per semester for one SI meeting a week, or $3,600 per semester for three SI meetings a week. University of Denver (Learning Effectiveness Program) Denver, CO The University of Denver's Learning Effectiveness Program (LCP) offers students with learning disabilities academic counseling, subject-specific tutoring, time and organizational management assistance, and special student events. The program fee is $1,350 per quarter. University of Iowa (REACH Program) Iowa City, IA The University of Iowa's Realizing Educational and Career Hopes (REACH) program is a solid option for students who need extra support or who aren’t ready to jump into the college experience just yet. REACH isan educational program in its own right, specialized specifically for students with intellectual, cognitive, and/or learning disabilities. Thistwo-year transition certificate program provides students with a "big 10" university experience and ensures they're supported throughout the educational process. Services offered by the REACH program include the following: Small group instruction Real world opportunities for hands-on learning Special events and support staff Opportunities to participate in UI courses with the assistance of REACH staff Tuition, fees, and expenses for the REACH program come to $28,859 for Iowa residents and $46,069 for non-residents. Smaller Colleges for Students With Learning Disabilities Not everyone gets excited at the prospect of joining a big college campus. If you prefer a more intimate academic environment, these schools might be good fits for you. Classes at small colleges can be really stimulating, intimate experiences (as long as you don't forget to do the reading). Augsburg College (CLASS) Minneapolis, MN CLASS stands for the Center of Learning and Accessible Student Services. Located at Augsburg College, this center is staffed with disability specialists who are trained to provide the following services to students who might need them: Individual support Instruction of learning strategies and compensatory techniques Help with time management and organizational skills Academic advising Housing assistance There doesn't seem to be a fee for these services. Curry College (Program for Advancement of Learning) Milton, MA Curry College's Program for Advancement of Learning (PAL) offers a specialized curriculum for students with learning disabilities and attention deficit disorders. This curriculum mainly focuses on learning strategies and the learning process in general. Students in the program also receive referrals to specialized advisers and technical support. To apply,you have to submit a separate application in addition to Curry's regular college app. The cost is $1,825 a semester for PAL1220, $3,390 a semester for PAL1210, and $3,470 a semester for PAL1190 and PAL1200. Fairleigh Dickinson University (Regional Center for Learning Disabilities) Teaneck, NJ At Fairleigh Dickinson's Regional Center for Learning Disabilities, students can schedule weekly meetings with learning specialists, participate in counseling sessions, get technologicalsupport, and receive priority registration. Best of all, these services are offered at no extra cost to students. Lesley University (Threshold Program) Cambridge, MA Similar to REACH at the University of Iowa, Lesley University's Threshold is a specialty certificate program meant for those who would struggle in a traditional college environment,even with some structured support. Students can choose to study Business Services and/or Early Childhood Development. After completing the program, students have the opportunity to participate in post-grad programs through Lesley University. Tuition fees amount to $22,125 per semester; room and board expenses are an additional $5,430 a semester. Lynn University (Institute for Achievement and Learning) Boca Raton, FL Students who are part of the Institute for Achievement and Learning (IAL) have access to a variety of specialty services, including the following: Academic coaching Assistive technology Diagnostic assessments Tutoring Alternative testing environments All Lynn University students have access to the IAL. Marist College (Learning Support Program) Poughkeepsie, NY Students enrolled in the Learning Support Program work one-on-one with a learning specialist. In meeting with these specialists, students focus on honing the following skills: Writing skills Note-taking skills Organization skills Test-taking strategies Time management There are fees for meeting with learning specialists,but that information isn't publicized on the program's official website. Mercyhurst University (Learning Differences Program) Erie, PA There are two parts to the Learning Differences Program (LDP): the Summer PASS Program, which helps students ease into college life, and the more intensive Academic Advantage Program (AAP), which is designed to provide structured academic support to students throughout the year. The AAP includes the following features: Weekly meetings with an academic counselor Academic advising Subject-specific tutoring Assigned note-takers Priority class registration The AAP costs $2,590 for one academic year, while the Summer PASS Program costs $995. Mitchell College (Bentsen Learning Center) New London, CT Through the Bentsen Learning Center (BLC), students get access to an academic support program meant specifically for students with learning disabilities and attention deficit disorders. There are three tiers of support, allowing the program to be tailored to each student's individual needs. The center offers the following services: Learning strategy instruction Career readiness skill building Content strategy workshops Designated student study areas Referrals to additional campus resources Program fees vary by level of support, ranging from $820 to $3,700 per semester. Schools Dedicated to Students With Learning Disabilities There are a few schools out there that only accept students with learning disabilities. These tend to be smaller colleges and typically offer customizable levels of support and structure. If you're interested in schools that cater exclusively to students with language-based learning disabilities, check out the following colleges. These schools are experienced in helping students with learning disabilities balance their academic, professional, and personal lives. Beacon College Leesburg, FL Beacon College offers associate and bachelor's degrees exclusively to students with learning disabilities and attention deficit disorders. Itson-time graduation rate is 70%, which surpasses the national average graduation rate for students with learning disabilities. The college's support services include a Center for Student Success (with trained learning specialists and tutors), a math lab, and a writing center. Landmark College Putney, VT All of Landmark College isdedicated to helping students who learn differently (i.e., students with learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders, and/or dyslexia). Support services offered here include the following: Academic advising and coaching Centers for academic support Counseling Specialty summer programs, to ease the transition into college What to Do If You're Interested in a Program for Students With Learning Disabilities Think you'd benefit from a supportive program meant for students with learning disabilities? The following tips will help you successfully navigate admissions and beyond. #1: Get More Information Just like anycollege applicant, you should get as much information about these programs as possible to get a better idea of fit and compatibility. Visit campuses, talk to current students, and consider if program offerings would give you the appropriate level of support. #2: Make Note of Additional Applications Many of these schools require students to submit an application to the learning disabilities program in addition to the regular college application. You might also have to submit further documentation, such as diagnostic tests, psychological evaluations, or letters from educators. As a result, it's best to give yourself extra time to complete these applications. #3: Account for Extra Expenses in Your College Budget You can still apply and be eligible forfinancial aid and scholarships, but be aware that enrolling in one of these programs for students with learning disabilities has the potential to add thousands of dollars to your overall college costs each year. What's Next? If you're still thinking through your college budget (and the extra costs that come with learning disability programs), get informed with our guide to college expenses. Don't forget that federal grants and loans can help make up some of the costs of these specialtyprograms. Learn more aboutPellGrants,DirectUnsubsidizedloans, andDirect Subsidized loans. Worried about choosing a major on your college applications? Learn how to navigate the process and make an informed decision. Want to improve your SAT score by 160 points or your ACT score by 4 points?We've written a guide for each test about the top 5 strategies you must be using to have a shot at improving your score. Download it for free now:

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Midterm Questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Midterm Questions - Essay Example The potential improvement of the US-China relations in the future would be achieved using the neoliberal approach of international relations theory. The specific approach is based on the idea that international relations can be promoted through international institutions (Van de Haar 2009). These institutions would set as a priority the achievement of peace between the states involved in the relevant plan (Van de Haar 2009). Still, allowing these institutions to develop critical initiatives is not always easy. In the case of US-China relations the above view would be explained as follows: China is a country based on a centralized political system, meaning that the government has a non-controllable power to define the terms related to the country’s social, political and economic life. In this context, it would be rather difficult for the country’s government to agree to the use of an international institution for improving its relations with US. For the Chinese governmen t providing its consent to such plan could be possibly interpreted as a partial resignation from its rights. This perspective could prevent the Chinese government to agree to the use of the neoliberalism approach for resolving its relations with US. ... for improving states’ relations in the context of the international community: the WTO (World Trade Organization) is an example. The above organization is quite expanded globally and has critical experience in managing such issues. WTO could suggest schemes of cooperation between the two countries, in addition to existing ones, so that the US-China relations are improved. For example, a scheme of lower taxation in imported goods or a scheme for the exchange of knowledge on new products. US and China are already members of this organization for promoting their trade interests. This means that the two countries would not have to set their powers as critical players of global politics and economy. It should be noted that the use of such plan by US for improving its relation with China would be aligned with another approach, the commercial liberalism, a view that it is presented below. (b) The measure suggested above, i.e. the use of an international institution, for preventing co nflict can be characterized as quite effective. This view is verified using another approach, the commercial liberalism. In fact, this approach could be combined with the one mentioned above, i.e. the neoliberalism, for securing that the conflict between US and China will be prevented. The commercial liberalism is based on the idea that freedom in commerce can secure peace (Ralston 2013). This means that the delete of any trade restrictions between US and China could lead to long-term peace between the two countries. In practice, this approach could be considered as non-applicable, taking into consideration the strong competition that already characterizes